Is Therapy For Me?

We all have times in life when we feel overwhelmed and distressed. Sometimes this can be triggered by life events, at others it is a build up of emotional baggage over time. However, when distress does not subside and difficulties don’t pass it is time to seek outside help.

You may notice yourself going around in the same destructive cycles, with feelings, in relationships and at work. It is at these times it is helpful to pause and look inward. You need to do something differently to get different results and therapy can be this difference. Although these times are challenging, times of crisis in life are also opportunities for growth and learning.

We all have mental health, just like physical health – there is no reason for a separation. We all need to look after our mental health.

I offer support to people who are having emotional difficulties. These may be difficulties such as low mood or depression, anxiety (including stress, panic, social anxiety), eating disorders, trauma or abuse related difficulties, relationship difficulties, lack of confidence and poor self esteem or work related difficulties.

The sessions I offer are collaborative; we work together to make sense of what is going on and then use this understanding to forge a way forward. They are a non-judgemental safe space where you can learn more about yourself, develop ways to overcome your problems and feel more empowered to move on with your life once again. It may involve you doing tasks or keeping diaries outside the session in order to effect change.