Specialist Therapy for Eating Disorders

An eating disorder develops when food is used or abused as a way of coping with how you feel inside – be this anorexia, bulimia or a binge eating disorder. It is common that individuals are in ‘two minds’ about seeking treatment for their eating disorder because of the fears the eating disorder has created and the emotional crutch it has become. However, eating disorders are incredibly destructive and costly to emotional happiness, relationships and physical health, they make you feel ‘not good enough’. Evidence also suggests time and time again that early intervention is key – the earlier you seek help, the faster and more likely you are to successfully overcome your eating disorder.

I offer psychological therapy for adolescents and adults with eating disorders.

Sessions can be individual or family based (1.5 hours).

Therapy that includes your family has been shown to significantly improve recovery.

In order to ensure the physical side of your eating disorder is managed appropriately and to ensure a complete package of care it will usually be necessary for me to work alongside medical professionals.